The Filters tab allows traders to save time when managing alerts via built-in filtering.

In the Filters tab, there are different filtering options available for users to save / load their alerts based on their selected preferences.

This is useful when only wanting to change or update just certain alerts. Where there is a large number of alerts, this option reduces TVAlertsManager's processing work-load, thus saves times when loading or saving alerts, limiting the processing to a sub-set of alerts.

Users can choose to sort their alerts based on 3 filter choices selectively: - Alert name - Ticker name - Exchange of their choice

For example: The user desires to save / load alerts with only the ticker name containing BTC, while at the same time limiting the BTC ticker alerts to be processed to only those related to a certain exchange such as ByBit. This can be accomplished by entering into the 'If ticker contains' text-box 'BTCUSD' and entering into the 'If exchange contains' text-box 'bybit'.

Note: TVAlertsManager is not case-sensitive. Upper-case or lower-case works either way, with the same results.

After defining the Filters, use the save and / or load alerts on the 'Alerts' tab to process just the alerts wanted to be saved, edited or updated.

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