Chrome Extension

How to create a spreadsheet to use for TVAlertsManager.

This section explains installing the TVAlerts Manager Chrome extension.

Step 1: Within Google Chrome, open the URL, then click the "Add to Chrome" button on the web-page that appears, as will appear like in the example below:

Step 2: Google Chrome will prompt you to confirm the installation of the TVAlerts Manager extension. Click on the “Add extension” button as in the example below:

Step 3: Pinning the TVAlerts Manager Extension

TVAlertsManager needs to be pinned to the Address-bar to be accessible while on the TradingView site. To pin TVAlerts Manager, click on the ‘Extensions’ icon to open the drop-down listing the installed extensions, then click on the ‘Pin’ icon. The TVAlerts Manager icon appears on the Address-bar. The left image below shows the steps while the right image below shows the result.

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