This page details the requirements for the installation of TVAlertsManager onto at system.


The requirements for installing TVAlertsManager onto your computer are listed below.

Compatible Browser:

TVAlerts Manager works with any Chromium based browser. TVAlertsManager commonly works with the following browsers without issue:

  • Google Chrome

  • Brave Browser

  • Microsoft Edge.

However TVAlertsManager will work with any Chromium based browser, yet is not guaranteed to work with any other browser at this time.

It is recommended for new users to use one of the three browsers listed above for ease of use and support. It is also recommended to turn OFF any add-blocking extensions that may interfere with TVAM.

Google Account

TVAlerts Manager works with Google Sheets to store and edit alerts. Therefore a Google account is required. Any Google account can be used, creating a new Google Account is optional but recommended.

Please note: TVAlerts Manager does not collect any data about the Google account.

Click here to create a new Google account.

TradingView Account with a valid Essential, Plus or Premium subscription:

For new users just starting out, it is always recommended to start with the Plus plan as that allows for up to 100 server-side alerts. It is always possible to upgrade to the Premium plan allowing 400 non-expiring alerts when they reach the 100 alert quota and require more alerts, or non-expiring alerts. The Essential and Plus plans only allow alerts for a duration of 3 months before they expire and need to be started again. TVAlertsManager can assist to re-fresh these expiring alerts when linked with either the Essentials or Plus plans, so long as TVAlertsManager is used to reload all alerts prior to the expiry timestamp. When reloading alerts regularly, such as monthly, alerts can always be relied upon to trigger.

A TradingView user can always upgrade to a higher plan, on reaching their plan’s alert quota when requiring more alerts, or upgrade to the Premium plan when wanting non- expiring alerts.

Click here to get a new TradingView account, if a new account is desired or no existing account is available to be used with TVAlerts Manager.

NOTE: TradingView’s free ‘Basic plan’ with only 1 alert, is not suitable for TVAlertsManager use.

TradingView account using English language only

TVAlertsManager currently supports English only. Attempting to use TVAlertsManager with TradingView or a browser not set to English, will not work. TVAlertsManager may add support for other languages in the future. Contact us to express interest in what language is wanted.

The browser must be navigated to a TradingView account’s chart URL to function

TVAlertsManager will not provide any functionality if the browser’s URL is not currently displaying a TradingView chart. The browser URL must contain

The user knows how to create and edit TradingView alerts.

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