TVAlertsManager Extension Installation

This section explains installing the TVAlertsManager Chrome extension.

When using Google Chrome, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Within Google Chrome, open the URL, then click the "Add to Chrome" button on the web-page that appears, as will appear like in the example below:

Step 2: Google Chrome will prompt you to confirm the installation of the TVAlertsManager extension. Click on the β€œAdd extension” button as in the example below:

Step 3: TVAlertsManager needs to be pinned to the Address-bar to be accessible while on the TrandingView site. To pin TVAlerts Manager, click on the β€˜Extensions’ icon to open the drop-down listing the installed extensions, then click on the β€˜Pin’ icon. The TVAlertsManager icon appears on the Address-bar. The 1st image below shows the steps taken, while the following image below shows the result.

That is it for now! TVAlertsManager is now installed but needs to be setup. Continue to the Accessing TVAlertsManager instructions.

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