This section details some known issues users may face and offers the relevant fix or work-around.

If you encounter an error message or have a problem, try use the web-browser search option and type a part of the error message text or the word/s about the issue you are facing with TVAlertsManager and the web-browser will help locate the answer if it is documented on this page.

1) Error Message: TradingView Authorization Required

Solution: Please open or refresh the chart page (using CTRL+R), then re-open the extension to reload your TradingView data.

2) Load problems for alerts on rows 98~99 of the Google Spreadsheet.

This issue can occur then TradingView and TVAlertsManager has got out of synchronisation with the alerts parameters. For instance, this commonly happens when a TradingView indicator has been updated and has new parameters that TVAlertsManager is not aware of.

Solution #1: Try the following:

  1. Delete the indicator from your chart

  2. In TVAlertsManager, go to Tools then click the 'Clear indicators data' and then 'Clear Cache'

  3. Re-add indicator to chart (and favorite it)

  4. Re-run the save then load process.

This will most likely fix the issue in parsing.

Solution #2: If the issue still exists after the above, set the tick in cells 98-99 of the Google Spreadsheet as it requires processing so a tick must be in these two check-boxes to resolve the synchronisation issue.

3) After each indicator update clients must do the following -

  • In TVAlertsManager, from the Tools tab, click on 'Clear indicators data', then refresh the chart by pressing CTRL+R on the keyboard.

  • Delete the TradingView indicators from the chart, then add the latest version of the indicator back onto the chart

  • Create a manual template alert and push this into to new sheet of the Google Spreadsheet

  • Work off a new template alert to create the alerts

4) Error Message: There value of "indicator parameter" to set "undefined" is not boolean demanded for checkbox A Boolean value is either true or false.

Solution: Double-check the Google Spreadsheet indicator parameters, ensuring a check-box is present for the alert that is causing the "indicator parameter" error.

5) Error message: The Alert does not have a condition to activate.

This problem occurs when the extension tries to set alert data in TradingView (when clicking the 'load alerts' button), but in the data from the TVAlertsManager spreadsheet when it sent the column data to TradingView, TradingView reported that the indicator's field is incorrect. Thus TradingView returns the column "condSource" or it is empty in this alert when it must be populated with a value.

Solution: Double-check the Google Spreadsheet indicator parameters, ensuring the alerts column data is filled in as expected and is not empty or that it is missing.

6) Error Message: The item in the list with the value "###" was not found.

Solution: Double-check the Google Spreadsheet indicator parameters that all the parameters are correct and the values are as TradingView would expect, then clear indicators data & re-try the operation.

7) Error Message: Alert may trigger differently from what you expect.

Solution: Within TradingView, this error is seen when the charts scale is using a Logarithmic scale. Turn off the Logarithmic scale on the TradingView chart, then click “Got it” on the prompt, then click “Continue anyway”.

8) Issue: Somehow it doesn't load psar configs and for Bybit it didn't load anything due to pair syntax errors. When you save alerts, you get different pairs than when you upload.

Fix - Save all alerts firstly to master sheet before working with TVAM

9) Error Message: Error when creating the alert. Error: The ticker "..." was not found.

Solution: Make sure the TradingView indicator has been added to the chart where you are working on your alerts, then only try to load / save it through TVAlertsManger.

10) Error Message: The alert does not have a condition to activate.

This is caused when the indicator source is blank.

Solution: Please check the indicator conditions, fix alert and retry.

11) Error message: Error: There value of "***" is not number demanded for input.

Or TEST2: error when edit the alert. There value of "keltner channels multiplier" to set 1٫5" is not number demanded for input.

Solution: The spreadsheet's alert parameter has a comma, then TradingView is expecting a decimal (instead of comma) for this value. In this case, it should be '1.5' and not '1,5'. Correct the value and re-try the operation.

12) Error message: Error to set properties. Can't set "***" to "***"

Solution: Make sure you are using the correct sheet and indicator is added to the chart

13) Error message: Error: Alert dialog hidden?

Solution: Refresh the page by pressing CTRL+R on the keyboard then, and do not move browser away from TradingView page while you re-attempt the operation. This includes not switching to a different tab in the browser.

14) Error message: The item in the list with the value "***" was not found.

Solution: Clear all cache/indicators data from TVAlertsManager, then reload the Google spreadsheet making sure the missing value is entered prior to attempting to load it back on TradingView.

15) Error message - "Alert is not in loading list. Ignored"

Fix - Alert not in loading list - means it was not checked in the sheet under SYNC Tab. Make sure to check it and then reload.

16) Error message: Error to load "***" alert parser to user spreadsheet: The time limit for processing the request. Contact support. Error: could not handle the request.

Solution: Reload the web-page by pressing CTRL+R on the keyboard then try re-run the operation.

17) Error message: Error to load "***" alert parser to the user spreadsheet. Error: getting options for load alert parser.

The TVAlertsManager extension didn't get the ID of the spreadsheet from saved options?

Solution: Check the spreadsheet settings are correct in the TVAlertsManager 'Settings' tab, and if necessary also recheck the spreadsheet permissions are correct as defined in the Google Spreadsheet Prerequisite installation section.

18) General Fix: After indicator updates, where the indicator fields change.

After an indicator update, prior alerts will only be able to be saved to the Google spreadsheet as they are made on an older version of the indicator used. They should be used for reference only and as such they will NOT be able to be loaded back into TradingView if any fields have changed in the indicator update.

Once the old alerts are saved to a spreadsheet, update and remake the alerts on the new indicator settings.

This can be done by doing the following.

  1. Click on the ;Tools; tab on TVAlertsManger

  2. Click on 'Clear indicators data'

  3. Delete the indicator from the TradingView chart and save the chart.

  4. Reload the browser by pressing CTRL+R on the keyboard.

  5. Re-add the indicator that was updated by searching for it in the TradingView Indicators pop-up (it is helpful to favorite the new indicator). Once the new indicator has been added to chart, update the TradingView Indicator's settings to match any of the settings used prior or matching the values from the Google Spreadsheet that want to be retained.

  6. Make a test alert on any chart with the indicator. Be sure to double check your indicator settings!

  7. Save the test alert to A NEW spreadsheet being sure to change the spreadsheet name in the 'Settings' tab first.

Now the new alert format (which may include new alert fields or conditions) will be known and can be used to input settings and reload the indicator into TradingView. Use any old alerts for reference and it may require adding additional inputs learned from the test alert saved in a prior step.

19) Error message: Error: The indicator "***" parameters haven't opened.

Solution: Refresh the page once by pressing CTRL+R on the keyboard then retry while not moving the browser away from TradingView page. This includes not switching to another tab.

20) Error message: Error: The alert parameters window did not open.

Solution: Check that the desired indicator on present on the TradingView chart and within the first four indicators applied into the TradingView chart.

In the example above there is 6 indicators on this chart. But the chart height is not enough to show them all so they are hidden (or collapsed). Nothing can be done with them in this state, and as such the extension can't do anything too.

This error also can also mean that the indicators are either on the chart hidden as above, or the indicator isn't on the chart at all. After expanding the browser, or panel frame, click on the 'Show' drop-down arrow button, or open the TradingView alerts panel and ensure a TradingView alert's setting pop-up dialogue can be displayed correct. It is possible the pop-up 'Alerts Settings' window is blocked by something such as Ad-Blocker related extensions. It is recommended to disable Ad-Blockers for the URL. If operating an Ad-Blocker, whitelist the URL.

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