Accessing TVAlertsManager

How to access TVAlertsManager.

How to access TVAlertsManager:

As previously explained in the Installation Requirements section, for TVAlertsManager to function, the Chrome browser must be currently navigated to a TradingView account’s chart URL. If the browser’s URL does not contain “[...8 character chart string...]”, TVAlertsManaer will not function.

Always be sure prior to attempting to use TVAlertsManager that the URL is open to and is displaying a chart.

Operation of the TVAlertsManager Chrome extenson is blocked on websites other than TradingView.

When the URL does not contain “[...8 character chart string...]”, the following is shown when attempting to open TVAlertsManager.

Notes and Assumptions:

  • This guide assumes users know how to create and correctly name TradingView alerts, therefore no instruction on creating TradingView alerts exists in this document. Please refer to the TradingView Alerts documentation found here.

  • It is assumed TVAlerts Manager has been correctly configured where the extension has been activated, a valid (may be blank or empty) Google Sheet exists for use by TVAlerts Manager, the Google Sheet has the correct permissions set, with the correct Google ‘Spreadsheet ID’ and ‘Sheet name’ is set in TVAlerts Manager’s Setting tabs.

  • The browser is currently at the correct TradingView chart URL and the chart is visible.

  • TVAlerts Manager will not be able to load more TradingView alerts than the TradingView account’s plan permits. If this is attempted, TradingView & TVAlertsManager will report an error.

  • TVAlertsManager will not function correctly, if attempting to save TradingView alerts when no TradingView alert is present. Ensure there is at least one TradingView alert present before attempting to use the ‘Save Alerts” function.

  • All TradingView alerts must have an ‘Alert name’ set for TVAlerts Manager to process the alert correctly. Any TradingView alerts without a name will not be processed.

If TVAlertsManager is added to your browser and opened on a TradingView chart that was opened prior to the TVAlertsManager extension being installed, a refresh / reload of the TradingView chart web-page is needed, otherwise an error is generated. Simply refresh the TradingView chart web-page (eg using CTRL+R on the keyboard or click the 'Reload' button on the Address-bar), the extension will reload the data and gather the TradingView ID, Subscription type and expiry date.

Once a TradingView subscription is confirmed, progress to the Initial TVAlertsManager Extension Setup step.

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