Google Spreadsheet Prerequisite

How to create a spreadsheet to use for TVAlertsManager.

TVAlertsManager stores your TradingView alerts using Google storage via a Google Sheet. This means a Google Sheet is needed to be accessible to the TVAlertsManager extension. We recommend creating a new Google Sheet for this purpose. While it is possible to use an existing Google Sheet, it is not advised. These instructions assume creation of a new Google Sheet.

How to create the Spreadsheet:

Ensure the Google Account that will store the TVAlertsManager spreadsheet is signed in.

This is easily confirmed by go to and the familiar account profile icon appears in the top right of the web-page. Clicking on the profile icon will display a pop-up showing the Google account currently logged in. The spreadsheet will be created on the Google Drive associated with the Google Account that is currently signed in..

Step 1: Head over to, then click the "+" sign to start a new blank spreadsheet as seen below.

Google Sheets will create a new blank spreadsheet and display it ready for editing, etc.

Step 2: Google has the requirement that prior to being able to share a Google Sheet, it must have a file name other than the default name ‘Untitled spreadsheet’. Therefore rename the new blank Google Sheet to a descriptive name.

Click on the name field containing ‘Untitled spreadsheet’ found in the top-left corner of the window, then type a descriptive name, such as in this guide the Google Sheet is renamed to ‘TVAlerts’. Afterwards typing the new name either press the <enter> key, or click anywhere on the sheet to complete renaming the Google Sheet.

As seen below, the spreadsheet is renamed to the title that has been entered.

Tip: Name the Google Sheet appropriately, so you can find it later easily.

Step 3: (optional) Tip: Bookmarking the spreadsheet will allow finding the spreadsheet again easier. To bookmark the Google Sheet, press <CTRL> + <D> to open the bookmark pop-up, or click the browser’s bookmark icons (typically an icon of a star on the same row as the browser’s URL bar), as shown below following the numbered tasks 1 & 2:

Step 4: The Google Sheet created needs to be accessible using the Google Drive Sharing option. To share the new TVAlerts Google Sheet, click on the ‘File’ menu, click on the ‘Share’ menu, then click on the menu option ‘Share with others’ as in the example below following the numbered tasks 1, 2 & 3:

Step 5: In the Google Sheet Sharing pop-up window, click on the ‘down arrow’ (drop-down control box) labelled as ‘Restricted’, then select from the drop-down list ‘Anyone with the link’, then click on the ‘Done’ button, as in the example below following the numbered tasks 1 & 2:

The Sharing pop-up dialogue will change to show new options by revealing a new drop-down list used to define sharing permissions.

Click on the drop-down list arrow containing the word ‘Viewer’, then select ‘Editor’. Finally click on the ‘Done’ button, as in the example below:

Step 6: Click on the ‘Copy link’ button located in the bottom left corner of the 'Share TVAlerts' pop-up window. This will copy the 'access URL' of the Google Spreadsheet to the clipboard as it will be needed later to enter into TVAlertsManager Chrome extension in the setup process.

Pasting this link into an empty notepad file may be helpful, if you use the clipboard frequently.

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