Accessing TVAlertsManager

How to access TVAlertsManager.

How to access TVAlertsManager:

Head over to and load a chart to access TVAlertsManager.

Please note that the extension ONLY works on browsers with an opened Tradingview chart and usage is blocked on websites other than TV.

Checking Subscription:

Head to your TV chart, open TVAM and point the extension to the Settings tab. The Settings tab is where you will confirm your TVID has access to TVAlertsManager and can use the extension.

If your TVID has been added to access TVAM from the signup form, your TVID will show up on the Settings page with subscription type and an expiry date shown.

If TVAlertsManager is added to your browser and opened on a TV chart that was loaded before TVAM was added, you may need to refresh/reload TV as it will error. Simply refresh your TV chart and the extension will reload the data and gather your TV ID, Subscription type and expiry date.

Once your subscription has been confirmed, you are free to head to the next step.

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