Installation Requirements

Installation requirements for TVAlertsManager.

Installation Requirements:

The requirements for installing TVAlertsManager onto your computer are listed below.

TradingView Account:

A TradingView (TV) account with a valid subscription is needed as that is where alerts are saved and stored. Alerts from TradingView can allow traders to automate their strategies. If you do not have a TV account already, please use the link below to get a new account.

Click here to get a new TradingView account.

For new users just starting out, it is always recommended to start with the Pro+ Plan as that allows for up to 100 server-side alerts. The user can always upgrade to Premium for 400 non-expiring alerts when they reach the 100 alert quota and desire more alerts, or non-expiring alerts.

Compatible Browser:

TVAlertsManager works with any Chromium based browser. TVAlertsManager is most commonly installed on the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Brave Browser

  • Microsoft Edge.

TVAlertsManager will work on any Chromium based browser, however it is recommended for new users to stick to one of the three browsers listed above for ease of use and support. It is also recommended to turn OFF any add-blocking extensions that may interfere with TVAM.

Google Account

TVAlertsManager works with Google Sheets to save and edit alerts and as such a Google account is required. TVAlertsManager does not collect any information about your Google account and any account can be used.

Click here to create a new Google account.

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