Spreadsheet Access Verification

How to verify TVAlertsManager has access to the Spreadsheet.

How to verify access to the spreadsheet:

To verify that TVAlertsManager has access to the spreadsheet we must take the link of the spreadsheet and input it into TVAM Setting page.

The spreadsheet link should be copied from the previous step where we adjusted the spreadsheet permissions however the spreadsheet link can also be taken directly from the browser tab and copied.

Navigate your browser back to an open Tradingview chart and load the extension.

Click to load the "Settings" tab where we will input the spreadsheet link.

Paste the spreadsheet link into the field for "Google spreadsheet ID for saving alerts".

Please note that by default the checkmark for "Use same Google spreadsheet ID for saving and loading alerts?" will be checked. If users want to work off different spreadsheets for saving and loading this checkmark can be unchecked.

Verify that TVAlertsManager has access to the spreadsheet by staying on the Settings page and reviewing the prompt after the spreadsheet link was pasted into the field. "Access to the spreadsheet is verified." prompt confirms that TVAM has access to the spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can click in the text field and then click elsewhere on the extension to trigger the prompt to confirm spreadsheet access.

If there are any issues and the prompt "Access to the spreadsheet is verified." you will have to return to the previous step and check the spreadsheet permissions. An example error for incorrect permissions is shown below.

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