Spreadsheet Creation

How to create a spreadsheet to use for TVAlertsManager.

How to create the Spreadsheet:

Ensure that you are signed into the Google Account that you want to use to create the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be created on the Google Drive attached to the Google Account that you are currently signed into.

Head over to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/ on the account you want to create the spreadsheet on. Click the "+" sign to start a new blank spreadsheet.

Once your new blank spreadsheet is created, feel free to rename it for ease of access. You can rename your spreadsheet by clicking the in the title and replacing the text.

The spreadsheet can be renamed to any title that the user desires. Feel free to name it appropriately so you can find it later.

Bookmarking your spreadsheet can allow users to easily find the spreadsheet again (optional).

Press CTRL + D to bookmark the spreadsheet, or follow the dropdowns shown below.

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